Friday, January 23, 2004

The Making of a Masterpiece: The Final Mission
Phase 1

Mort Künstler has been selected as an Official Artist for the H.L. Hunley. Mr. Künstler received the honor from the Hunley Commission, the non-profit organization supporting preservation and display of the historic craft. Mort Künstler's official painting of the Hunley, The Final Mission, will be released as a limited edition fine art print. Ship date: April 1, 2004.

A - As an Official Artist for the H.L. Hunley, Mort Kunstler studied the submarine in person at its Charleston lab, Warren Lasch Conservation Center. Pictured, left-to-right: Civil War historian Rod Gragg - who serves as a historical consultant to Mr. Künstler; Randall Burbage - a member of The Hunley Commission; Chairman of The Hunley Commission, S.C. Senator Glenn McConnell - who has been instrumental in the recovery and preservation of the craft; and Mr. Künstler.

B - The Hunley in its preservation tank at the Warren Lasch Conservation Center.

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