Monday, August 4, 2008

The Making of a Masterpiece: Teddy's Fourth of July
Phase 1

“For many years, my friend and Oyster Bay neighbor, Roger Bahnik, encouraged me to do a painting of Theodore Roosevelt in Oyster Bay. I just always had too many projects underway, especially Civil War paintings. Finally, Roger told me, ‘Roosevelt is our Oyster Bay President; you are Oyster Bay’s artist – I want to commission you to do this painting.’ And I finally said, ‘He’s right. And I’m putting aside everything else until I do this painting.’”
— Mort Künstler

These are Künstler’s conceptual sketches. The first sketch shows a bird’s eye view of the intersection in Oyster Bay where the painting takes place. The little square in the top right corner of the intersection is the Moore Building featured in the painting.

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