Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Making of a Masterpiece: The Autograph Seekers of Bel Air
Phase 1

Ideas for paintings come from many sources, Mort already has a long list of them but as an artist he has to have “that” excitement about portraying certain events. Very rarely has he decided to paint something almost on the spur of the moment. Although he loves what he does, there are deadlines to meet, previous engagements, appearances to schedule, and so on.

On his recent trip to Strasburg on March 22nd, 2009, he also visited the Bel Air estate in Front Royal, Va. Current owner Larry Lehew had invited him and suggested the mansion as the subject of a future painting. After reading more about it, Mort became so excited that he decided it had to be his next painting.

Everybody here at the studio was afraid that he wouldn’t make the print release deadline; he had exactly five weeks to come up with a masterpiece!

Little did we know that Mort would take on the challenge like a top professional athlete. I’ve never seen him that focused, so concentrated, working so hard, days, nights, and weekends; but he did and the result is amazing.

I hope you all enjoy this painting because, as they say, it was done with sweat and blood! And I must

While Mort was on site he made a quick diagram of the layout from the house viewpoint. The painting’s final viewpoint will be from the creek below.

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