Friday, August 7, 2009

Mort Künstler by Stephen Doherty 5

During this period in his life, Künstler developed health
problems and spent many days at home battling a variety
of illnesses. He occupied his time in bed by making highly
detailed pencil drawings of the objects in his room and the
view out his window. Fortunately, many of those drawings are
still in his possession. They demonstrate the keen powers of
observation and advanced technical skills that the young artist
would bring to his later paintings. The luncheon dishes his
mother left on a tray at the end of the dresser are carefully and
accurately rendered in these drawings, as are the architectural
details of the bedroom. Interestingly, Künstler was already
developing an understanding of one-point perspective—a
technical skill that would come in handy years later. It’s easy
to see why the child was referred to as a genius.

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