Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Making of a Masterpiece: Unconquered Spirit

The courthouse became a beacon among the sea of gray uniformed masses. It was here where General Lee and his most trusted lieutenants would reunite to begin the process of resting and rebuilding their seasoned army. No one could foresee the ferocity of the fighting to come, and Orange County would witness some of the worst.

The painting is finished, now an image is sent to historians that are experts on the subject. Here are a couple of quotes from two who saw the image:

Upon opening the files, all I could do was exclaim, "FANTASTIC!" Mort has captured a moment, immortalized it, for all time. He is just absolutely SO good!

– Frank Walker, Orange County Historian

Yes, I second Frank’s vote of “FANTASTIC.”

My congratulations to Mort on his great way of dealing with the courthouse stair and fence questions, and my continued appreciation for his unfailingly accurate portrayals of the realities of travel and the road systems of the era.

- Ann L. Miller Senior Research Scientist

Historian, Virginia Transportation Research Council

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