Monday, September 26, 2011

The Making of "General Orders 100" - Phase 1

The Judge Advocate General’s Legal Center and School Alumni Association commissioned Mort to do a painting of the Lieber Code, which became the basis for all international treaties, including the Hague Conventions and the Geneva Accords; and now, almost 150 years later, it is still considered the most significant codification of the customs and practices of war.

There are practically no facts about the meetings that led to the signing of the Lieber Code. These were the exact reasons why the Judge Advocate General’s LCS Alumni Association wanted me to paint the picture. In their mind, it would help make the general public aware of one of the most important and influential general orders ever given. I eagerly accepted the challenge. – Mort Künstler

Before painting, Mort draws in charcoal directly onto the canvas. Above, on the left, you can see Mort drawing up the canvas, with a photograph of the finished drawing on the right.

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