Thursday, July 12, 2012

In the Studio...

I just went into to talk to my father in his studio. He was completely unaware that his leg was covered in oil paint in all different colors. After sixty years of painting he is still surprised that he ends up covered in paint. Many years ago Mort shared a studio in New York City with a number of other illustrators. He and his friend James Bama painted with very small paint brushes and always ended up covered in paint even though they wore big paint aprons. Another illustrator in the studio painted in big broad impressionistic strokes. He wore a suit and tie to the studio, would hang up his jacket and paint in his tie without an apron and he never ever got paint on himself. I guess the most surprising thing to me is that Mort still is surprised that he gets paint on himself. I just expect it.

- Jane Künstler

Mort's Apron

Mort wears this sweatshirt a lot in the cooler weather. You can see more paint on his right sleeve than his left because he holds his maul stick with his right hand, apparently leaning against a paint covered stick.

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