Monday, September 23, 2013

Raleigh, North Carolina, September 2013

Photos from Mort's trip to Raleigh for a print signing and the release of the 2013 Annual Snow Print, Capitol Farewell, held at the North Carolina Museum of History.

News anchor Marti Skold interviewing Mort for News 14 Carolina.

Mort chatting with his daughter, Jane Künstler, prior to an interview for WRAL News.

News anchor Bill Leslie interviewing Mort for WRAL News.

Photo ©Kent Thompson
Mort Künstler holding a freshly signed print of Capitol Farewell.

Photo ©Kent Thompson
Mort signing a copy of "For Us the Living: The Civil War in Paintings and Eyewitness Accounts". In the background: North Carolina Museum of History's Director of Retail Operations, Lynn Brower, and the museum's Director, Ken Howard.

Photo ©Kent Thompson
Mort signs a Capitol Farewell print as a line of people eagerly await to meet him.

From left to right: Ken Howard, Director, North Carolina Museum of History, Mort Künstler, Lynn Brower, Director of Retail Operations, North Carolina Museum of History.

Mort Künstler standing at the entrance to his exhibit "For Us the Living, the Civil War Art of Mort Künstler", on display at the North Carolina Museum of History. 

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