Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Making of "Mr. Lincoln Comes to Gettysburg" Phases 5-6

"I do not think that I would have approached this scene if not for the fact that Lincoln stood six feet four inches tall. Crowd scenes always present a unique challenge as the main character can become lost in the masses. Lincoln naturally stands out as he wore a stovepipe hat that made him look more than seven feet tall at a time when the average height of a man was five feet six inches. I knew that I would have no trouble making the eye go to Lincoln and to heighten the effect, I painted the black of his hat against the lightest part of the sky to create the most contrast. I also used perspective to draw the lines of the train and building toward Lincoln in order to ensure that he remained the focus of attention." -Mort Künstler

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  1. The work in progress updates are a treasure - there's always something new to be learned from a master.



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