Thursday, July 2, 2009

a stirring Rush to the Summit

I've spent a few minutes falling in love again with the latest painting Mort's sending out into the world. I so very badly want a copy- and I do see a lot of paintings. They all possess a unique pull and depth of character that speak to me in different ways each time I see one. Some of them, though, have a particular power to reach into me personally and draw out surprisingly potent reactions. These pieces are evocative in a way that has little at first to do with my head, and everything to do with a strong gut connection to the image. ‘Rush to the Summit’ has had that effect each time I’ve seen it, and it’s not simply because I find Joshua Chamberlain a fascinating figure. In art, as in life, dashing men in uniform certainly have great appeal, and Chamberlain does deliver as that here on his horse. But something of the light in the trees, the mix of men mounted and rushing forward on foot, their expressions, and what I know they go to face, combine to hook me thoroughly at first (and every) glance. I very selfishly can’t wait for this release!


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