Monday, August 24, 2009

Mort Künstler by Stephen Doherty 8

It was during his early school years that Mort would
accompany his father to Manhattan on Saturday mornings,
when Tom Künstler, a salesman for Amoco, would call on
his customers. Once they finished their rounds, father and
son would visit Tom’s old friend Dave Gross, a commercial
artist, who shared a studio with his sons Arthur and George,
also artists. The men would set Mort up with art supplies in a
corner and let him sketch while they talked. They would take
time out to give Mort advice, criticism, and encouragement.
“Dave, Arthur, and George became positive influences on me
because they were the first people I met who were really out
there working as artists, and as I watched their assignments
progress from week to week, I began to understand their
business. I also took their criticism and advice very seriously,”
Mort says appreciatively.

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