Monday, November 2, 2009

Mort Künstler pays tribute to Mosby and his men #1

This year’s Mort Künstler snow print depicts spirited First Lieutenant John S. Mosby with a group of soldiers known as “Mosby’s Rangers,” passing in front of the historic Warrenton County Courthouse in beautiful Warrenton, VA. Stories about Mosby and his Rangers were not only exciting, but sometimes unbelievable. Outwitting the Union forces time after time, he was appropriately dubbed “The Gray Ghost.”

As you watch this progression over the next few days we think you’ll agree that this print has all the winning elements to make it a classic. It has the additional draw of being a snow scene, scenes of Mort’s that are fan favorites. And to make it even better, the prints feature the Mosby Heritage Area Association’s* seal, which is sure to make it a highly collectible print.

*The MAHA’s mission is to promote the preservation of the historic, cultural and scenic resources of the Mosby Heritage Area.

Mort sketches out a few options for how he thinks the painting should look. After settling on an angle, he makes a bigger drawing.

Mort then likes to draw his concept on brown paper so he can indicate with chalk where the light effects will go.

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