Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mort Künstler pays tribute to Mosby and his men #2

It has been ten years since I last painted the beautiful Warrenton County Courthouse featured in “The Bravest of the Brave.” In addition, it has been twelve years since I last painted John Singleton Mosby in “While the Enemy Rests.” That is much too long, in my opinion.

I felt it would be wonderful if I could combine both subjects in one painting. Placing Mosby in Warrenton was easy because he operated often out of that area. But there were still a number of obstacles. I wanted to capture a significant moment in his storied career and I also wanted a snow scene. I learned that his first independent command was formed in Warrenton and his original fifteen men stopped off at the Warren-Green Hotel for dinner on January 18, 1863.
- Mort Künstler

After Mort transfers the image to the canvas using gridlines, he starts by laying out the background colors

There isn't a set map he follows in deciding what to paint next. As he works on it further, he goes with what seems best at the time.

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