Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mort Künstler pays tribute to Mosby and his men #4

This unique group represented twelve native Virginians and three Marylanders who had been handpicked by Mosby himself. They formed the original nucleus of “Mosby’s Rangers,” and together they would provide intelligence for the Army of Northern Virginia, while also causing disruptions along the Union army supply lines. Their unique ability to evade Federal pursuers earned their commander the nickname of “The Gray Ghost,” as he and his troops appeared to vanish whenever they ventured into harm’s way.

I imagined the difficulties of getting up the hill on the Alexandria Pike, facing the front of the Courthouse. Although they plowed the roads with horse drawn equipment, wagons and carts would have been rendered immobile and abandoned. The trees around the Courthouse today almost obliterate the building from view on Alexandria Pike, so painting the structure accurately was very challenging. Historian Richard Deardoff of Warrenton was of great assistance with research for this painting. - Mort Künstler

Mort Künstler's skillful use of color, light and shadow give this painting a sense of warmth, even tough it depicts a winter snow scene.

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