Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Making of a Masterpiece: Last Tribute of Respect - 5

Major General F.H. Smith, the superintendent at VMI, issued a declaration to his students that stated, “Surely the Virginia Military Institute has a precious inheritance in the memory of General Jackson. His work is finished. God gave him to us, and to his country. He fitted him for his work, and when his work was done He called him to Himself.”

I chose the moment on Friday morning, May 15th, when the casket was brought out through the Washington Arch and loaded onto the caisson. It was a day of somber pageantry; the day of the funeral and burial. – Mort Künstler

Everything in Mort Künstler’s paintings has been researched. Mort reads and consults the experts in various fields to make his paintings as accurate as possible. When there is absolutely no record on a particular fact and only then, he takes artistic liberties to interpret what may have happened.

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