Monday, September 13, 2010

The Making of a Masterpiece: Unconquered Spirit

"The Army of Northern Virginia would have taken several days to pass by the Orange County Courthouse. Having marched up the hill behind the courthouse, it made a right turn onto present day Main Street." – Mort Künstler

"Robert E. Lee was always the center of interest, in real life as he is here in this painting. I have used the perspective lines of the courthouse to lead the eye, as well as silhouetting him and his hand gesture against the sky. His black hat against the white clouds also helps to draw the eye to him. A.P. Hill on his black horse Prince, had been given a few days’ leave to visit his family and home in nearby Culpeper. Lee’s ‘Old War Horse,’ James Longstreet with his ever-present cigar, is to the general’s immediate right.” – Mort Künstler

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